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Anti-spam and anti-virus update for Notes and Domino Spamsentinel

Posted on 24th January 2013

SpamSentinel Version Update

There are a number of new features, along with the regular round of fixes. SpamSentinel runs on Lotus Domino versions 6 and higher.

These updates should be automatically included in your automatic updates, however if you wish for any help or advice please get in touch.

Various fixes, and improvements have been made for:

  • SpamSentinel Interceptor
  • SpamSentinel Duo Engines
  • SpamSentinel Router
  • SpamSentinel Scanner
  • SpamSentinel Reporter
  • SpamSentinel Administration Database
  • Plus others

For a full description of updates please visit

No changes have been made to the SpamSentinel Manager or the SpamSentinel Monitor!

If you wish to have this installed or sign up as a new customer please get in touch.

By Mark Donegan

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