Managed Data Services

Backing up your data and systems is only the first part, what good is it if you can't restore! We check that your services are fit and healthy.

Data Management Blocks

A managed service means we take care of it all and make sure it works.

Managed Data Services

Data Backup and Recovery for any organisation is a crucial process to safeguard against failure. It requires skilled resources to implement, manage and know how to recover data in the event of a disaster.

Basic can help companies save time and resources by providing a Managed Service for Backups. This service incorporates the implementation and complete management of your data backup, recovery and archive requirements.

By implementing agreed standards, our solutions and services will ensure your data is protected on a daily basis and that copies of your data and computer systems are securely held off site and retained in order to comply with your organisation's data retention policies.

Daily Monitoring

Our team of technical staff routinely check your data is protected daily. With automated log creation and central management dashboards we are able to provide the tools to help protect your company data at all times, from a remote control room.


In the event of a disaster, we provide immediate support to assist in the recovery of lost or corrupt data, minimising downtime by recovering data quickly and efficiently.

Proactive Testing

We are confident that the majority of businesses have a backup process to protect their data. We are equally confident that a very small percentage of companies actually test the recovery of data from their backups on a regular basis.

Because we insist on regular testing, we are confident that when the time comes to recover data in a live situation, our processes are well rehearsed.

This reduces the pressure and stress of a system failure situation and instills confidence in our customers that we have them covered.

All of our records are backed up to a secure off site storage facility.
The process to install and engage the software was simplicity itself, about 5 minutes work, then the program runs itself. No more remembering to do the back up! But the team at Basic do not stop there. They have also emailed us when the back-up did not run to see if we needed help in fixing whatever was causing the problem.

Nigel Nigel Grainger - Fleet Risk Consultants

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