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Double-Take backup & restore

A real-time multi-platform data protection software product.

Double-Take backup & restore

To meet the new requirements of Enterprise Data Protection, network managers are faced with the challenge of overcoming the limitations of traditional backup technology. A solution that addresses the weaknesses of traditional backup can only be practical if it can be implemented at a reasonable price and without significantly disrupting existing systems or processes. To be effective in the real world, any potential solutions must be able to work within many differing scenarios.

Double-Take is a real-time multi-platform data protection software product that creates and maintains an up-to-the-moment copy of production data on a high availability or disaster recovery server. In the event of a server failure, or even a full site disaster, data is immediately available on the backup server.

Double-Take bridges the gap between the capabilities of traditional backup systems and the demands of today’s LAN and client-server applications. By providing economical and easily managed protection for all applications, Double-Take brings near-perfect data protection and availability within reach of all network users.

By continuously maintaining online copies of server data on another server, Double-Take reduces or eliminates data loss and limits downtime to seconds. Combined with existing backup technologies and applications, Double-Take is uniquely suited to meet the new requirements for enterprise data protection and disaster recovery.

Double-Take works in the following way:

  • Double-Take source module uses patented technology that lets it run with minor system performance impact.
  • Double-Take Installable File System ( IFS ) caches data as it is buffered, often replicating data even before it is actually written to the source disk.

    How Double-Take works

  • Double-Take uses TCP/IP networking, no specialised hardware is required.
  • Reduce cost, simplify management and improve general performance by moving your backups to a centralised backup server.
  • Double-Take communication technology and resource management provide reliable performance over slower offsite links.
  • Double-Take allows you to select which file systems, raw devices, directories or files should be protected, reducing storage demands and bandwidth requirements.
  • Double-Take target engine is extremely efficient and highly scalable, supporting one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one, as well as same server and chained configurations.
  • The system failover capability enables the double-take target server to stand in for multiple source servers.
  • Open files that are locked on the source servers are available for backup on the target server.

Basic are happy to demonstrate the power of double-take replication and backup from our dedicated demonstration area. Basic support clients throughout England.

DoubleTake backup

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