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Basic Total System Protection (BTSP)

Total protection of data, software, systems, servers and settings. Ready for when you need it most.

Around 80% of businesses that suffer from a major data loss go out of business within a year!

Get in touch & get protected.

Basic Total System Protection

For complete business protection for your computers, servers and data we combine our backup and disaster recovery services to offer you Basic Total System Protection (BTSP).

BTSP stage 1

Data Corruption, Deletion, Hardware Failure, Vandalism, Theft, Fire or Flood can impact your business and become critical issues.

BTSP stage 2

Invoke your Basic Total System Protection cover and feel safe in the knowledge you haven't lost any precious data.

BTSP stage 3

Continue with your business.

Your clients will be thankful you are prepared and protected.

We take a complete image of your desktops and servers including backups of your data and software ready for when you suffer a critical incident. If the worse should happen we'll have your critical setup available to get you back up and running.

This option drastically reduces the time to get your systems back as there is no need to recover each element separately.

Continuity Testing

As part of BTSP cover your backup and images are monitored daily and we regularly carry out testing to ensure the recoverable images and data can actually be restored.

Expert Engineers

You get the benefit of over 35 years experience as an IT company when you partner with us. Our expert backup and recovery engineers have seen many different configurations and can show you how to get the best out of your network and devices, speed up your backup processes and build confidence your data is in safe hands.

How we helped Matt

Matt Youdale

Basic IT have given me real peace of mind by delivering secure cloud-based data back-up for my company Arch Communications.

It's all automated so it's very easy - and at a very reasonable cost too.

I definitely recommend this service to others."

Matt Youdale - Arch Communications

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