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Ad Hoc IT Support - Timebank / Pay As You Go

Options when an IT Support contract is too much

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IT Support Credits

Timebank - Pay As You Go Support

A bit like pay-as-you-go support, you can use Timebank™ credits however you wish, for practically any technical related activity, eg installing servers, training a new system administrator, software development, IT support etc. In some cases, Timebank™ has even been used to offset against the purchase of ready made applications.

Time purchased with Timebank™ allows you to obtain discounts on our standard one-off day rates. Simply purchase time to go into your Timebank™ whenever your credits get low, or each time you renew your subscription support. The more units that you purchase at one time, the cheaper each unit is.

Time doesn't have to be used in 7.5 hour (1 day) chunks. You can use as little or as much as is needed to perform a particular job. Travel time is charged at half the time actually spent, or by arrangement if you require overseas work, that cannot be done remotely.

Support Contracts for IT Support, Product and Service Support

Technical support options are available with various Service Levels for all the products and services that we supply. For defined service levels and fixed price budgets, a pre-arranged IT support contract gives you the peace of mind that you are covered no-matter what. This includes unlimited support.

We can supplement your existing skills

If your company has existing IT skills in-house, then we can work with you to support and provide additional expertise and input on a regular basis, at a level you need.

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