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Best Managed IT Companies in the UK

Posted on 15th November 2016

Basic Business Systems Ltd are one of the Best Managed IT Companies in the UK

At the end of September 2016 Basic were recognised as being one of Britain's best managed IT companies in the UK. Managing Director, Richard Smith, proudly accepted the Britain's 50 Best Managed IT Companies Award which was presented at the award ceremony at the end of the VARTrends conference in London.

Presented by Julian Lee, President at TechnoPlanet, he said, "As many companies found out, it was not so easy to win this award. We believe the future belongs to the ITSPs, VARs and MSPs who manage their businesses the best. Congratulations to all those who won an award and for all those who participated!"

Basic Business Systems Ltd are one of the Best Managed IT Companies in the UK

By taking the assessment we had confirmation that our current processes and procedures were strong and well established. What we also discovered were areas for improvement and gaps in our business that we need to improve upon and develop.

Based in Ruddington, Nottingham in the heart of the Midlands, Basic Business Systems Ltd was founded in 1979. We have always managed the business for the long term and this has been reflected in our consistent financial stability over the last 37 years.

This allows us to focus on providing world class customer service and help businesses grow. By doing this it has helped us develop lasting partnerships as we do not settle for quick wins and high customer turnover.

On winning Richard said

"I'm incredibly delighted that we have won this award. We have been working hard, continually improving, refining and evolving over many years as the technology landscape constantly changes, so this is a great reward for all the hard work that everyone at Basic has put in over the years.

Basic (Business Systems Ltd) will continue to aim at providing the best services we can, to help our customers achieve amazing results now and long into the future.

2017 and 2018 will be exciting and also important years, as increased focus on areas like Security and Cyber Essentials become increasingly important, as well as legislation like GDPR.

This award is therefore important, as it recognises both our intent to provide great, high quality services, following best practices, whilst keeping our customer central to meeting their needs.
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