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Posted on 11th January 2011

Many companies have felt the pinch, with the recent economic difficulties. So, we have been working hard, to help companies get more from less with our technology offerings:

In fact, this filling of gaps in companies IT resources has been so successful, we have been providing a complete IT Team service offering under the guise of "Basic-Office"

"Basic-Office": Providing a complete IT Team service. where we can BE your IT Department.

In many cases, our IT support has worked out cheaper than they expected and provided a wider set of skills that they ever thought they could get, or were already buying in to supplement their internal resources.

If you're interested in trimming cost from your IT budget, getting more for less, or helping you position yourself, ready to prosper from the upturn - give us a call, or drop us email!

Basic Office IT Benefits and Cost Savings

Below are a few summary features:

  • Just like having your own IT manager supporting you and your team
  • Often cheaper than employing full time resources, but with more flexibility.
  • More skills than a single person, our team of specialists cover a wider technical area
  • Your own personal site manager means you have named contacts to help you.
  • Your own personal site manager co-ordinates our technical teams so you don't have to.
  • Improving email systems and reducing the cost of running your email
  • Providing a great support service to our Customers to cover the gaps left by departing IT resources.
  • Virtualisation (Running lots of things on the same hardware)
  • Improved efficiencies with our work flow software
  • Savings with our business applications software

You can find more information here: IT Support Options.

How we can help

Based in the East Midlands, in Nottingham, we have been supporting, implementing and managing IT systems, software and providing IT Support for over 30 years. Our track record speaks for itself.

We have helped many customers improve their business systems. Let's see whether we can help you!

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By Richard Smith

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