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Looking for Lotus Notes Domino application beta test Partner

Posted on 23rd November 2009

Fancy trying out our new version of Timesheets X R8.0?

It's been an exciting ride for this application over the last few months.

This next new release is a significantly revised, fully web-enabled version of our popular Time sheet application. The web interface now uses Xpage technology with a whole load of exciting new usability improvements. We're really proud of the work that has gone into the new version and it's looking really great.

In fact, we're giving this application a major makeover with features for Lotus Notes and internet versions, so you don't just have to be a Lotus Notes user either to use the application. You may need something to plug into your Intranet or even a managed web service, with minimal effort needed on your part.

Now, we would like to invite people to sample and test the application in anger to widen our Xpage testing. You'll need a Domino 8.5.1 server on which to run Timesheet Manager, or you can talk to us about how we might provide some help in getting you there.

For the standard product information, please go to Timesheets for Lotus Notes Domino

How you can help and what's in it for you?

From your point of view, you can get involved to steer the product features and get some free of significantly discounted software as part of the deal.... why not contact us to see whether we can work toghether.

If you are interested in working with us to help improve our application for Lotus Notes or the Lotus Domino web version and get some free business software at the same time, please contact us to see if you can get involved in

Enquire about the Testing Program.

By Richard Smith

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