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What's new in Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1

Posted on 20st January 2010

This specific version of Lotus Notes Traveler added ActiveSync support for synchronising mail, contacts, and calendar entries for Apple devices including iPod and the iPhone family of devices as well as additional support improvements for Nokia S60 devices.

There were also a series of administration improvements mainly relating to device security settings and device access control.

Improvements to the Lotus Notes Traveler home page

The Lotus Notes Traveler user home page had a series of improvements for better/easier user management, ID file uploads for encrypted mail messages, it also shows the status of the user's device, therefore indicating if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

Support for ID vault and encrypted mail

In version 8.5 Lotus Notes Traveler required that the ID file was uploaded to the user's mail file for Digital signing, encrypting, and decrypting mail messages. With this version the added use of ID files stored in a vault, if available was added therefore removing the user action of uploading the ID file to the mailfile.

E-mail address conversion

Further support was added to convert Lotus Domino server canonical formatted addresses, such as Jack Black/MyDomain, to Internet RFC2822-formatted addresses, such as, before sending to devices.

By Richard Smith

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