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Upgrade Pack 2 for Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3

Posted on 3rd January 2013

There were crucial fixes with the release of Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2

Note: Lotus Notes Traveler 853 Upgrade Pack 2 includes all APAR fixes up to and including Interim Fix 2.

Added Support for Lotus Notes Traveler

Lotus Notes To Do support

Support for Lotus Notes To Do's has been added for Lotus Notes Traveler on Android and Apple iOS devices. iOS devices require the Lotus Notes Traveler To Do application which is available from the Apple App store. The To Do application for Android devices is bundled with the applications that make up the Lotus Notes Traveler client for Android.

Note: The iOS To Do application only supports iOS 5 or later.

Upgrade Summary

The areas the fixes addressed in this upgrade are listed below:

  • Unread marks are sometimes not synced to from Android to Server.
  • Reply-To-All from Android device may corrupt some of the CC addresses.
  • Traveler server may create duplicate device entry in Admin UI during startup.
  • Click to dial does not work for some phone number formats on Android device.
  • Open as draft does not work well on Android device.
  • Swedish translation for "Declined" is incorrect on Android device.
  • User may be prompted for password when trying to update the Android client.
  • Unable to configure sound notifications on some HTC Android devices.
  • Some e-mails deleted on Notes client may not be deleted on the mobile device.
  • Linux installer error if Domino server is currently running.
  • Some search requests may show incomplete results on Android device.
  • Traveler server may continue to monitor backup mail server after primary mail server recovers.
  • Unable to download client software if not using JavaScript.
  • Android client may prompt for password when credentials are correct.
  • Server installer fails due to hung Domino API thread.
  • Return receipts are incorrectly saved in sent folder.
  • Domino stat Status.state (Red, Yello, Green) not updated correctly for Traveler server.
  • Attachment may have random extra data.
  • Send and Save buttons greyed out during Compose on Android 4.2 Tablet.

This list and the fixes are documented in full on the IBM website.

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By Mark Donegan

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