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Stay in control with cloud apps

Posted on 6th December 2013

Not losing control with cloud apps

Cloud technology and services have been around for some time now helping businesses move forward and solidifying disjointed processes. Many small businesses, however, are still being slow to take on board the potential benefits cloud and remote working can bring.

One fear that small businesses have is that by moving to a cloud model their business may:

  • Be interrupted
  • Lose control of personal data
  • Not have direct access to their data when they need it

Centralised Data

A clear benefit of using a cloud service or online application is that employees can quickly access and share information across the business without having to send traditional electronic documents back and forth. Couple this with the ability to search and retrieve data from one location, decreases the problem of duplicate records and speeds up internal processes.

For example, time recording done traditionally with Excel or other spread sheets can become cumbersome and time consuming. The finance department would then collate and check each entry and generate invoices. That is, if they have been authorised correctly!

Moving to a browser-based cloud application, such as Timesheets would eliminate many of the manual tasks which had been carried out by staff.

  • Data held centrally
  • No duplicate spread sheets being emailed
  • A clear audit trail of submission and authorisation
  • Automated calculations
  • Automatic email alerts
  • Scheduled invoice generation

The relatively small cost of implementing cloud software quickly pays for itself when you calculate the amount of time your staff are no longer carrying out administration tasks now being automated.

Secure Data

The beauty of Basic's cloud applications are the ability to have them hosted with us or host them yourselves as a private cloud solution. Data can be replicated to us so that you gain the ability to restore your data and work if any problems arise. Such as, your building becomes inaccessible.

Simple. Just take a trip to your nearest secure wifi spot, fire up your tablet or laptop and login to your online portal.

For a free demo and trial of any of our online apps just get in touch.

By Richard Smith

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