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What to ask when choosing an IT support company

Posted on 5th February 2013

How to pick the right IT Support company for your business

Before you take the first steps in signing up an IT company for your business you need to take some time to consider what you want from an IT partner.

Sitting down and preparing some questions for each IT company you want to interview is crucial to allow you to get the best repsonses and help you feel comfortable in making the right choice.

If you don't, it could cost you more than just money.

We as an IT company in Nottingham would expect at least some of these questions when potential new clients want to start up an IT support partnership with us.

Are there any guaranteed response times or is there a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Companies can promise the earth but sometimes poorly deliver. A good IT company will offer guaranteed response times to Network, Hardware and Software issues so you know in advance how quickly problems are first addressed.

Do you provide remote management and monitoring?

Any reputable IT company will have systems in place to monitor and actively manage your network or system without having to enter your premises. Your IT suppliers should be able to upgrade and install fix packs remotely.

How large is your business and what are your plans for growth?

Consider not only the size of your own company and where you plan on growing but also that of the IT company you want to work with. Do they have sufficent staff and levels of expertise you require? A one-man operation might not have the resources to fully support you and your business in the various specialist areas technology brings with it.

Are there different levels of support on offer?

Many IT companies offer varying levels of support contracts which can be tied down or very flexible. Make sure they offer a suitable level preferably tailored to you.

How can we log support calls with you?

There should be an online ticket creation system or preferably a dedicated support enquiry department routed via a dedicated phone number or email address.

Do your engineers have training programs or career paths?

A reputable IT company will have program paths for their employees. They should be following certification programs offered by the companies which they partner with.

What locations do you cover?

Are they able to access your setup either remotely or physically? Also consider if you move can they accommodate you.

Do you offer discounts?

Ask! Many companies will offer favourable terms if the contract is longer than standard or if you take up a bundle of services.

These are just a few questions you should be asking potential IT service suppliers and will give you a good basis for getting to know the company which is vital for your business growth.

If you wish to have further information or ask us these questions please get in touch.

By Mark Donegan

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