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Cryptolocker portal decrypts your files for free

Posted on 7th August 2014

It appears that over half a million victims of Cryptolocker can now recover files encrypted by the malware without paying any money to the cyber crooks.

Recover Cryptolocker files for free

Earlier in the year law enforcement agencies and security companies seized a worldwide network of hijacked home computers that was being used to spread both Cryptolocker and Gameover Zeus. This allowed them to analyse the database of victims and create a portal which allows you to upload an encrypted file and receive the master decryption key for all of your files.

UPDATE: This database is no longer active.

More details on the story are available at

Keep yourself protected before you fall foul

Just because you can now decrypt your files for free it shouldn't mean you should become complacent. Follow our tips below to protect yourself from malware in the first instance.

  • Be wary of emails from people you do not know
  • Do not click on links that you are not sure of where they will take you
  • Be cautious of links in emails and websites that are presented via a shortened url
  • Keep virus definitions up-to-date and scan your systems regularly
  • Backup, Backup, Backup!

By Mark Donegan

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