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What does IBM Notes Domino 9 Release bring with it?

Posted on 19th March 2013

March 21 is the expected release date of IBM Notes and Domino 9 social edition.

There is a great deal of excitement surrounding this release. We have to confess that we are also excited. There are many new features in this great platform more of which we will detail later, and talk about in other blog entries.

Previously there has always been a numeric release point, but notes and domino 9 comes with an additional couple of letters after it - 'SE'. This might go some way to explaining the $100m IBM has spent on developing this version to push these new technology areas.

Now at first glance you may consider this means special edition, a term grabbed from the automotive industry.

And in some respects the new additional features that have been built into Notes Domino 9, are exactly that - a special edition or special equipment.

In actual fact though SE stands for 'social edition'.

This term refers to a whole pile of new tools and features sets that allow us as developers and systems managers, to utilise social frameworks that are included within Notes Domino.

Domino and IBM Notes 9 can interpret gadgets and widgets wrapped using open social standards, and this is going to have a great influence and effect on what can be done with applications running in Notes and the Domino environment.

Additional integration to IBM connections will expose further social business aspects.

From a user perspective, it's going to allow them to:

  • utilise applications that are more socially aware
  • connect into more social feeds
  • connect with people more effectively in better time and track and manage and work together to an even better level.

Additionally completely new ways of working will be possible directly from the inbox.

Embedded experiences will be a new way of bringing workflow and business process activities directly into the inbox and allow them to be actioned from the inbox.

From our perspective here at Basic, as developers we'll be working to enable our applications to take advantage of these new toolsets and facilities.

Of course this will be in conjunction with our existing work with X pages, where we've been busy to implement major new features and functions.

These new features can be used by small, medium and large businesses alike and offer them serious competitive advantage, cost savings and efficiencies.

We'll be creating a series of articles over the next couple of months, to explain in detail, the latest features in IBM Notes Domino 9 'social edition'.

We'll also be offering some promotional pricing on platform upgrades to Notes 9 and be inviting people over to our offices in Nottingham, for informal open office sessions , where you'll be able to play with version 9.

By Richard Smith

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