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SpamSentinel Update - Improving Virus Protection

Posted on 18th December 2014

SpamSentinel Version Improvements

SpamSentinel Update - improving virus protection

We have all read about the many virus exploitations in 2014 like Cryptocker, so it is always welcome when any product looks to address any holes and weaknesses especially in email.

The latest version of SpamSentinel ( aims to keep you free from viruses and has added some great features to help adminstrators manage Domino mail better. Some scanner updates include:

  • Fixed a bug so that messages with restricted attachments that are also white listed resolve the Notes name correctly before sending to Quarantine.
  • Added an option for recipient lookups in the Domino Directory to be 'full name and local part', or 'full name only'.
  • no longer override the restricted attachment 'quarantine' setting when a message is spam.
  • Added ability to use the new DBL lookup service from SpamHaus
  • Added ability to delay scanning a message which has been received in order to increase the chances of catching the very newest spam types.
  • Customizations can now be made to the notifications messages delivered to the senders of mail quarantined when outbound.
  • Notifications of an outbound restricted attachment message can now be delivered to an administrator rather than the original sender.

4 Layer Approach to Effective Virus Blocking using SpamSentinel

Layer 1: Spam Blocking

Blocks most viruses as "spam" that should be deleted. 39% of viruses are stopped this way.

Layer 2: Zero Hour Pattern Detection

Identifies viruses in the wild before they are "named". 42% of viruses are stopped this way.

Layer 3: Traditional Anti-Virus Scanning

Identifies viruses based on known signatures. 15% of viruses are stopped this way.

Layer 4: Restricted Attachments

Stops missed viruses by stopping and quarantining executable files. 4% of viruses are stopped this way.

For more information about getting protected just get in touch.

By Mark Donegan

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