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Document Management for IBM Lotus Notes Domino

Save valuable room, never misplace an important document and search faster. Your easy solution is Doc.Start™.

Lotus Notes software for increased productivity.

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Lotus Notes Document Management made simple

Doc.Start™ integrates document scanning, workflow and traditional document management concepts.

Working with key partners such as Panasonic and Xerox, Doc.Start™ takes scanned images and integrates them into Lotus Notes and Domino, to perform sophisticated document workflow routing and approving.

Once documents have completed workflows and approval cycles, they can be stored and retrieved from specific processes, or traditional document management systems, such as Domino Document Manager for Lotus Notes and Domino or other RDBMS based document management systems. Doc.Start™ solutions can provide measurable business benefits and can have clear benefits in terms of productivity.

To ensure that solutions generate these major improvements in business systems, Doc.Start™ installations are provided with requirements definition, planning, analysis and business process review services.

Doc.Start™ uses a Lotus Notes and Domino Infrastructure to achieve highly efficient document routing, between people and over multiple locations. If you currently use Lotus Domino, Doc.Start™ will sit within your existing hierarchy without modifications to any core templates or system files, but can be integrated into many of your Notes Domino applications.


This pragmatic approach to technology with business systems allow for systems which are cost effective and yet deliver clear business benefits.

Doc.Start™ Dynamic Document Management for Notes & Domino - Key Features

  • Document workflow and document routing, with Doc.Start Image Router
  • Integrate document scanning and capture into your Lotus Notes & Domino environment.
  • Imports scanned documents and initiates workflow routing based on document type and document metrics
  • Track document volumes, scanned volumes and document routing

The document capture workflow

  1. Scan and capture documents from your scanner.
  2. Doc.Start™ Image router transfers this seamlessly into a digital file or into Lotus Domino.
  3. Doc.Start™ workflow manager routes and distributes documents to their appropriate destinations, according to your workflow rules.
  4. Integrate many different workflows and destinations, profit centres, people or locations around the globe.
  5. View, Approve, Store & Access documents through Lotus Notes or Web browser at any time.

Doc.Start™ Dynamic Document Management for Notes & Domino - Business Benefits

  • Integrate document scanning and capture into your Lotus Notes & Domino environment.
  • Implement and streamline workflow processes by adding scanning functions
  • Improve document workflow and document routing, by using Doc.Start Image Routerâ„¢
  • Track & manage documents more effectively.

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