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Service Desk & Helpdesk for IBM Lotus Notes Domino

Increase your first call resolutions and provide a Help Desk your staff want to use.

Lotus Notes software for increased productivity.

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Provide first class customer support

Service Desk for Lotus Notes and Domino, empowers your customer service, call centre & incident management teams with the tools to manage your customer base and respond effectively to their calls.

  • The customer service / call centre team can quickly resolve problems & handle enquiries
  • Reduce administration by generating & storing correspondence with each call
  • Increase effectiveness by allocating the correct skill or resource to each enquiry
  • Meet your customers' expectations by managing to the agreed service level agreements
  • Assist and empower call handlers by providing standard call templates / previous solutions
  • Consolidate knowledge and product information with a centralised knowledge base.

Service Desk contains the full history of all past and current calls and associated documentation. Your customer service or call centre teams can log queries, issues or complaints and then resolve them quickly and easily.

It uses fast call logging, routing, resolution and best practice response options to help you maximise customers' satisfaction.

Service Desk provides a good return on investment

Typically, ROI is achieved in the first year through time saved searching, tracking & retrieving call data, generating standard documents, logging and allocating calls and re-using materials already written. Product & service improvements can be highlighted from call data. Overall, benefits include improved customer handling, service and responsiveness leading to better customer retention and repeat business.

Service Desk Call Centre Management key features

  • Call logging, routing, tracking, escalation & reporting
  • Call categorisation up to 5 levels for type analysis and skills routing
  • Call delegation, assignment and reallocation based on problem type, location or skills matrix
  • Problem resolution costing analysis
  • Various report views - by status, handler, site etc.
  • Complete web functionality
  • Full audit trail of calls
  • Comprehensive reporting facility, view completed calls by reference, company, handler, product etc.
  • Export data to MS Excel
  • Automatic call reminders, view overdue calls
  • Product & problem analysis for quality cost tracking.

The skills of the customer service / call centre teams are optimised as calls are routed to the person best skilled to resolve the problem. Knowledge sharing is facilitated with a centralised customer service knowledge base.

Service Desk organises your calls and improves customer service

The reporting facility allows managers to report on call volumes, problem areas, call loads, departments, service levels, response times, where resources are being deployed etc and subsequently analyse calls taken by employee and service rates.

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