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Purchase Order Manager for IBM Lotus Notes Domino

Manage your purchasing and acquisitions with an integrated Notes module.

Lotus Notes software for increased productivity.

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Centralise your purchasing power

The Lotus Notes Purchase Order module enables users to automate and manage the Purchase Order (PO) process effectively, improving the communication process with suppliers and amongst the team responsible for purchasing.

  • Ensure purchase orders are properly authorised
  • Avoid mistakes with a centralised list of parts and prices
  • Keep full correspondence history by supplier and know who all the contacts are and their positions.

Purchase Order Manager for Lotus Notes Key Features

  • Raise purchase orders (PO's)
  • Submit purchase orders by e-mail, fax or post
  • Purchase order approval workflow functionality
  • Receive and book in full and part shipments
  • Analyse business levels by supplier, by period etc.
  • Consolidate suppliers by categorizing by service or product
  • View outstanding purchase orders by part, service and supplier
  • View suppliers by status, service or parts supplied
  • Ensure purchase orders are properly authorised
  • Analyse what levels of business you are doing with each supplier
  • Keep full correspondence history by supplier, know who all the contacts are and their positions
  • Manage suppliers with multiple contacts and sites effectively.

ROI is typically achieved in the first year through managing suppliers more effectively, thereby facilitating improved supplier relations and enabling closer pricing comparisons which could potentially reduce supplier costs.

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