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Expenses Management for IBM Lotus Notes Domino

Take control of your business expenses with an easy to implement Notes application.

Lotus Notes software for increased productivity.

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Move away from slow excel based expenses

Expense claims management and business expenses tracking and approving is a necessary administrative process in all organisations. Yet traditional paper-based or MS Excel based expense systems are costly in time, human resource and productivity to run and manage.

  • Improve productivity through streamlining and improving document creation
  • Reduce the possibility of human error with automatic expense calculations
  • Facilitate cost management with complete expenses analysis
  • Improve consistency and accuracy of historical expense management records
  • Increase ability to closely monitor expenses by person, year, department or company
  • Improve speed & reliability of expenses approval by routing expenses forms electronically
  • Ensure visibility, traceability & control of expense claims by workflow routing to correct approver(s)
  • Identify and manage hold ups in the expense claim approval process.

Using Expenses Manager for Lotus Notes & Domino minimises administration costs, such as time and maximises productivity. The automated expenses module centralises, records and tracks expense requests. Configurable workflow ensures correct routing and control of expense claims and associated timely decisions.

Payment of expenses is improved due to automated submission and approval cycles. Cost management is facilitated with tracking options, the possibility of human error is reduced with automatic calculations.

Expenses Manager for Lotus Notes Key Features

  • Log all expense claims securely
  • Automated submission and approval cycles
  • Full workflow approval of expense claims
  • Car mileage tracking or cost per mile rebate
  • Track and manage expenses by approval status
  • Track expenses by person, year, department or company
  • Reimbursement or claims against advances
  • Analyse expenses by cost centre, month, person and type
  • Multi-currency function.

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