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IBM Lotus Notes & Domino Sales Lead Management

Capitalise on previous successes and learn from past failures. Find out what works and what doesn't and refine your sales tactics.

Lotus Notes software for increased productivity.

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Understand your customer and conversion rates

Sales Lead Management provides your sales team with the tools to automate your sales force, maximise existing business and improve management decision making through comprehensive sales analysis, whilst reducing the time taken to produce sales associated documentation.

  • React faster to sales opportunities with improved customer service
  • Automate your sales force with the remote working facility
  • Improve consistency in quotations & proposals and generate more accurate sales forecasts
  • Share valuable sales and marketing information, whilst keeping it safe with security policies
  • Maximise new business potential with central lead creation and opportunity tracking
  • Maximise existing business with call back reminders to maintain regular, timely contact
  • Improve decision making with lead analysis, buying decision analysis and conversion rates
  • Increase awareness of the quality of sales staff.

The most valuable asset of any company is the knowledge of its people. Sales Lead Management captures and shares that knowledge, facilitating communication and collaboration. This allows the sales force to capitalise on previous successes and learn from failures.

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