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IBM Lotus Notes Service Desk Document Management

Provide a central repository of call associated documents. Collate and assign customer information and ticket notes to the right job.

Lotus Notes software for increased productivity.

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The right document at the right time

Document Creation and Management for Service Desk allows your business to re-deploy resources from doing scanning and storing documents to providing first class customer service.

It significantly reduces the possibility of documents being mislaid or filed incorrectly, and reduces storage space requirements.

  • Ensure full audit trail of customer information, correspondence, complaints and so on
  • Reduce time spent managing documents and searching for documents
  • Minimise administration by streamlining & improving sales document creation
  • Reduce filing storage space
  • Start to implement a disaster recovery plan.

Overall your customer service team can increase productivity, reducing time spent producing and chasing paper documents. They can easily collaborate and share knowledge throughout your business. Confidential documents are stored very securely. Document Management is especially of benefit to businesses located over different locations.

ServiceDesk Document Management Key Features

  • Create & store all documentation for each company & contact, including letters, faxes, quotes and e-mails, both in-bound and out-bound
  • 'QuickNote' function to store important details, file attachments or phone conversations
  • Scan & store hard documents & inbound correspondence related to your contacts
  • Expedite document creation with standard text units or combine units into document templates, saving hours of repeat typing
  • Auto-copy routine for correspondence involving more than one company.

Typically ROI is achieved in the first year through significant time reductions in document creation and storage administration, enabling the customer service team to concentrate on value creating activities, not administration. Consistency in solving issues ensures immeasurable benefits that perhaps outweigh all other tangible aspects.

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